VW ID 7 First Drive Review: A Cut-Price Electric Exec


The Volkswagen ID 7 marks a significant entry into the electric vehicle (EV) market, particularly in the upper-medium sector. This segment, once dominated by the likes of Ford Mondeo, Vauxhall Insignia, and VW Passat, is witnessing a resurgence with the ID 7. Designed as a large hatchback or saloon, the ID 7 offers better aerodynamics suited for an electric powertrain, setting it apart from the SUV trend.

Styling and Price

Volkswagen’s ID 7, with its Fastback design, is the largest ID car to date. It offers practicality with its saloon-like appearance and a hatchback tailgate. However, its styling is less daring compared to other ID models, which might affect its appeal against more striking rivals. Priced significantly lower than competitors like the BMW i5 and Mercedes EQE, the ID 7 stands out as a cost-effective option in the electric executive car market.

Features and Variants

The ID 7 Pro Match, starting at £51,550, is equipped with a 77kWh battery and a 286PS electric motor. More variants, including a twin-motor GTX and an estate, are expected later in the year. This pricing strategy makes large electric models more accessible, especially for those used to cars in the £50,000 range.

Comfort and Practicality

Volkswagen has focused on enhancing cabin quality in the ID 7, addressing previous criticisms about its electric cars. The interior features premium materials and a digital-first approach, with improved build quality and illuminated touch-sensitive controls. The spacious cabin comfortably accommodates five adults and offers ergoActive front seats with massage functions.

Safety and Technology

The ID 7 introduces a new 15-inch touchscreen operating system, offering customization and reliability. The system is user-friendly, featuring a tile-based layout and a new voice assistant, IDA. Enhanced infotainment and the latest driver aids, including adaptive cruise control and an automatic parking system, further elevate the ID 7’s appeal.

Drivability and Range

The ID 7 promises a range of 380 miles with its efficient 286PS motor and 77kWh battery. While its power delivery is linear and conservative, the car impresses with its efficiency, even in challenging conditions. Optional adaptive dampers offer a sportier driving experience, although the brake feel could be improved.

Company Car Tax and Running Costs

The ID 7 offers great value, particularly for company car drivers. It may not match the BMW i5 in luxury and handling, but its competitive range and significantly lower price point make it an attractive option. The ID 7’s low company car tax and running costs add to its appeal as a practical and efficient electric executive car.

In conclusion, the Volkswagen ID 7 emerges as a strong contender in the electric vehicle market, especially for those seeking a large, comfortable, and cost-effective option. While it may not stand out in terms of styling and dynamic handling, its practicality, range, and affordability make it a viable choice for both personal and company use.

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