Updated April 13, 2022


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The GMC Hummer EV (simply referred to as Hummer EV; and badged as HEV) is a line of battery electricfull-size vehicles produced by General Motors under the GMC marque, and its own sub-brand.[8] The Hummer EV line was introduced in October 2020, which include pickup truck (SUT) and sport utility vehicle (SUV) models that was introduced in April 2021.[9] — Source Wikipedia


We have put together as many reviews and impressions as we could find.   Each finds a way to touch upon something that the others missed.  If you are serious about this vehicle then these videos are worth watching.    If you have review or first impressions that helped you and that aren’t listed here, please contact us!

OUR SCORE: Not enough data


  • No Score
    There’s an auto writing cliche in which an overachieving economy car is described as “all the car anyone needs.” The 2022 GMC Hummer EV Pickup is not that car. In fact, it may just be the complete opposite of that car because – and I will not entertain any objections to this – the Hummer EV is a car nobody needs. But that’s sort of what makes it awesome. It looks the absolute business, has the specs and off-road chops to back it up, will thoroughly frighten your passengers turning watts into tire-squealing American freedom, and, believe it or not, is a decently accessible daily driver as well. Do I need one? Hell, no. Do I want one? You bet.
  • Road and Track: No Score
    “The rehabilitation of the Hummer has begun. The most militaristic of trucks, that gasoline glutton and public enemy of environmentalists, is reborn as an electric pickup, with an SUV version coming in 2023. But some things never change: The Hummer is all about excess. Now under GMCs brand wing, the Hummer launches from stoplights and into showrooms with 1,000 horsepower — actually 1,006 in its Watts To Freedom (WTF) mode — to help snare folks who might gravitate to a Rivian R1T, Ford Lightning or (someday) Tesla Cybertruck.”
  • Motor1: 9.5 / 10
    “There’s a temptation to look at the GMC Hummer EV as little more than an extravagance. I get it. But these kinds of EVs – the excessive, high-performance halos – are what will drive the average consumer away from gas, even if the last thing American roads need is another oversized, 9,000-pound pickup with awful visibility. This truck demonstrates that going electric doesn’t mean giving up what you love about a specific kind of vehicle.”

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