Hyundai IONIQ 5 VS Kia EV6 electric car comparison

Andrea and Zack of Motormouth compare the Hyundai IONIQ 5 vs Kia EV6. How do these siblings match up and which is better?

The EV6 is 1.7” longer than the IONIQ 5 and offers just over half an inch more front legroom. The IONIQ 5 has an extra 2.2” of height, a little more second row space and an extra 9.1 cubic feet of overall cargo capacity.

There are similarities and differences between these two. Both have RWD/AWD and Short Range/Long Range options with 58 or 77.4 kWh batteries. The RWD LR model has 225 horsepower and the AWD LR 320 horsepower. The IONIQ 5 and EV6 have a 10.9 kW onboard charger and are compatible with 400- volt and 800-volt charging stations. With a 350 kW DC fast charger, they can be charged up to 80% in just 18 minutes. Where they differ is in EV range, the EV6 has a little more range than the IONIQ 5. The RWD SR has an extra 19 km/12 miles, RWD LR 11 km/7 miles and the AWD LR model 27 km/18 miles.

They both have dual 12.3” screens, an eco-friendly interior, similar features on each trim including, an available heat pump and a vehicle to load function. For those trims where it is not standard, you can buy an adaptor to plug-in to the outside of the vehicle.

The IONIQ 5 offers a more open cabin, a glass roof and a higher roofline compared to the EV6, which has more of a cockpit feel with a lower roofline and a power sunroof providing less light and headroom in the backseat. Although, the base model of each vehicle is priced similarly, the EV6 is more expensive on the higher trims.

The IONIQ 5 RWD SR starts at $44,999 CAD/$39,700 USD and the EV6 $44,995 CAD/$40,900 USD. The IONIQ 5 AWD LR model $54,999 CAD/$49,400 USD and the EV6 $54,995 CAD /$50,900 USD. Add the Ultimate Package to the IONIQ 5 $59,999 CAD/$54,500 USD. The EV6 AWD LR with GT-Line Package 1 $57,995 CAD/$51,200 USD (RWD). AWD LR with GT-Line Package 2 $61,995 CAD/$55,900 USD (AWD)

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