New Review Added to the Mercedes EQB Rankings

A new review by AutoEV has been added to the Mercedes EQB Rankings, Comparisons and Information page.

Confusing as a tin of alphabet spaghetti soup, the Mercedes-Benz EQ brand gains a very important addition with the new EQB.

A 7 seat, electric SUV based on their piston-engined GLB model. It enters a market space that is currently bursting with talent, so does it bring anything new to win you over?

Well, if you need your car to have 7 seats, then yes, it does. Stealing a march on the Tesla Model Y, the EQB is the only car in its class to offer the carrying capacity of an MPV whilst retaining the beloved SUV body style. But is it worthy of consideration given it is just a re-engineered internal combustion engined car? We get our hands on an early left-hand drive car and subject it to the full AutoEV road test to find out.


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