10 Things You Need to Know About the Mercedes EQXX

This is the all-new Mercedes EQXX and it has a 1,000km range!

It’s one of the most extreme electric cars ever made!

So what’s so special about this car? Well for starters, this four-door coupe looks totally different to any Mercedes ever made before.

For starters, it’s both shorter and lower than a C-Class! It’s also a truly long tail car (just check out that rear-end!), and it even comes with an adjustable rear diffuser. However, while it certainly looks like it’ll be rapid, don’t go expecting it to break any EV performance records anytime soon. Mercedes has focused on efficiency rather than power, so the EQXX comes with a motor that’ll produce just 204hp!

However, the focus on efficiency means the EQXX will have a range of over 620 miles – 215 miles more than a Tesla Model S. That’s not the only ground-breaking feature for the EQXX, though.

Once you step inside, you’ll find a fully vegan interior along with an 8k full-width infotainment screen – the biggest screen to feature in any Mercedes to date! So what do you think – is the EQXX the best EV you’ve ever laid your eyes on?

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