Henessey Creating 2400 HP EV for 2026

Henessey Creating 2400 HP EV for 2026.

Hennessey isn’t satisfied with building the speed-record-hunting Venom F5 supercar. It is now creating a six-wheeled grand touring electric vehicle with a mind-blowing power output and a $3 million price tag.

They are calling it Project Deep Space. The uber powerful EV will feature both a central driving position and a diamond-shaped four-seat layout. Boss John Hennessey said it will be about six metres long and that it should also be the fastest-accelerating four-seater from rest to 200mph. 

Work has already begun and launch is aimed for 2026. At most there will be 105 of this car made.

The car will have a motor per wheel.

The presumed output of around 2400 hp would make the Deep Space far more powerful than its competitors.

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