Toyota Venza hybrid VS Lexus NX350h comparison. Battle of the hybrids.

Andrea and Zack of Motormouth pit the Toyota Venza vs the Lexus NX350h. Which comes out on top?

Both are compact premium SUVs. The Venza is 3” longer than the NX 350h. They both have about the same front legroom but the Venza has almost 2” more 2nd row legroom and an extra 6 cubic feet of cargo space behind the second row and 8.2 cubic feet of overall cargo capacity.

Fuel economy, they are very close, the NX does a little bit better in the city at 5.7L/100 km, 41 MPG compared to the Venza at 5.9L/100km, 40 MPG. They both get 6.4L/100 km, 37 MPG on the highway.

The Venza has a fixed glass roof, the NX no moonroof or panoramic sunroof on the base model, the moonroof is available in the Premium Package for $1500 CAD/$3,050 USD and the Panoramic sunroof in the Luxury package for an extra $6,500 CAD/$7,450 USD.

The Venza top trim comes with front and rear parking sensors, a wireless charger, head-up display, a bird’s eye view camera and a power rear door with kick-sensor. The NX hybrid has these features available on higher trims.

The Venza has a spare tire and 19” wheels, the NX run-flat tires and 18” wheels. Both have a leatherette interior, the Venza has a larger 12.3” touchscreen with touch sensitive controls, the NX Hybrid, 9.8” with buttons. The Venza has no offering of heated rear seats or wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto, only wired; these features are available in the Lexus.

The Venza is missing some safety features that the base 350h has including, vehicle sway warning, risk avoidance emergency steer assist, road sign assist, a vehicle security system and safe exist assist which works in conjunction with the digital latch system scanning the area for pedestrians, cyclists and cars before opening the door. Advanced Park is also available on the NX Hybrid.

The Venza top trim is $48,290/$40,380 USD and the NX 350h base model is $49,900 CAD/$42,125 USD. I recommend adding the premium package on the NX for extra features like the moonroof to make it more competitive with the Venza. It is priced at $51,400 CAD/$45,175 USD.

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